18th October – our first anniversary. Let’s celebrate.

 Our First


18 October 2014


It was a lucky coincidence. People of India, Africa, Europe and America met in Internet in the late summer  of 2013, step by step led by the same vision  brought by Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’ in September 2009. He was a sage meditating in the mountains of India. Receiving a message he went back into the world and informed the people that it was time for them to begin to do “what he and some others had done for many years:”

Pray for Mother Earth. Pray with Mother Earth.

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The online Gaia community responded to his wisdom, humor and compassion, and  spread the message of simultaneous collective daily prayer.  Then David Nicol from the Gaiafield Council  connected with Tomasz on the application to TED with the”Terra’s” Wish of spreading synchronized meditations hourly round the Globe. It was similar to the idea that was expressed  by Eli five years earlier. On 18th October 2013 at the Full Moon just before Diwali, our website designer and Kathy designed  the front page to the new site. Meenakshi writes  the Daily Sync blogs and is always on the lookout for TeamSync contributors.

At first, we called the site: “Sync Gaia Hug,” After some deliberation we changed the name to “HUGS. or Hourly Universal Global Sync” shortened to H.U.G.S. or HUGSync.

Today we have a widening SYNC Family  and a real hope that  “Elis Vision”   multiplies each year with more intense waves encircling  the planet in hourly HUGs of love, compassion, forgiveness and trust expressed in prayers and meditations of people across all creeds color, gender, worldviews and languages.


SOURCE: http://is.gd/t1jlqF
Meditation Spiral SOURCE: http://is.gd/t1jlqF

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