Full Moon Today! Get on the moonbeam – and receive the blessings

Ride the moonbeam and share the Open Invitation for All   with as many people whom you love. It’s like hugging them with words.

Give us a link to your blog or a copy of your email by Commenting below.

And – synchronize – choose the first half hour of any UTC  hour – use UTC map to see how your time zone synchronizes with UTC.

The blessings today are from the Harvest Moon. Celebrated wherever there are harvests.


The Mahalakshmi Goddess of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity who knocks on the door at midnight. Light a candle to invite her in. Celebrated whereever Kojagari Purnima is known.


The Buddha who imparts wisdom to the Devas. Celebrated as Vap Poya.


The joy of the dance by moonlight when Krishna shows that he is everywhere. Celebrated as the joy of life  of Sharad Purnima.


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A Message to Share

Open Invitation to All

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