How can I hug Gaia?

How can I hug Gaia?  you may ask.

It’s simple: hug her children. She will feel embraced. For Gaia is not a lifeless planet; but a consciousness of everyone and everything on Mother Earth.

Hug a tree, and Mother Earth will feel it.

Embrace a friend, and Gaia will smile.

Hold a thought of compassion, and Gaia will radiate.

Feel gratitude and love for the beautiful world we live in, and you will hug Gaia.

But don’t stop at one hug or one smile or one prayer. Do this whenever you can. Start today. Start now. When you do, you will sense that others around the planet are doing the same. And when the smile rises from your heart, Gaia is smiling.

You may pray or meditate alone, but there are others around the planet who are praying and meditating also. Get in sync with them. Choose the first half hour of any hour, and you will find that you are synchronizing.

This is how simple it is to bring a beautiful world into being. What are you waiting for?

Start hugging!


  1. “The Synchronise Huges Round-the-Glob and Round-the-Clock” ?
    Yes! We can make all over … everywhere
    (but the best first half hour 🙂

    Hej reminiscence …
    Always in wood I use find a nice tree and embrace it.
    and half hundert years ago … my dog, my Rex was ambraced, lovely,

    Today that pictures made me waters … Hej!
    Love and gratitude, a very gift.


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