Can you sync without meditating?

What if you don’t meditate? What if you don’t like to pray? What if you feel that all this is ‘spaced out’ but you are here, and something is pulling you to be here.

You want to get in sync with people around the planet who are doing something good for the world.

Here’s one way. Google ‘Gaia’. Or just click on the link below. We’ve done it for you.

Gaia on Google.

But wait! There’s more. See the initiatives for a harmonious world that are springing up in the world today. Become aware of gratitude flowing from you for these initiatives. You can join them and take these moments of gratitude even further. Or, you can simply allow yourself to let your gratitude flow into happiness, joy, a feeling of lightness, love, and yes, it bears saying again. Happiness.

Smile and move on through your day. Don’t you feel those HUG(e) HUG(s)?

It doesn’t take much to help the world to become better. Sometimes, all  it takes is a pause to get in sync.

via Gaia on Google.

Connect to the world


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