What World are you Dreaming into Being?

The Aboriginals of Australia have one of the longest continuous known histories of people of the world. It begins with what is called the Dreaming or Dreamtime, when the Ancestors created the world into being and then became the stars and land, animals and plants, humans and everything else that we see.

Our story is in the land … it is written in those sacred places … My children will look after those places, That’s the law.
Bill Neidjie , Kakadu elder.

What if the world is once again being Dreamed into Being? What does the world look like, that you see in your dream?

In the first half hour of any UTC hour, perhaps this could be your practice. Take some time to visualize as clearly as you can, the kind of world you would like to bring about. Then share it here.

More about Aboriginal culture

The Portal - Charles Bartlett
The Portal – Charles Bartlett

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