A beautiful message of the allness of life. gifted by Juan Ayala.


From the Center of the Heart of Life,
from the Center of every Human Heart,
let Love radiate to embrace ALL forms of Life,
Mother Earth and all of Her Children,
all of Humanity and all other species,
all nations, peoples, relatives, and relations,
ALL of Nature,
the Solar System, the Universe, all worlds and universes,
past, present, future, visible, invisible, known, and unknown,
all places and times throughout the entire Realm of Existence,
from before the Beginning of Time and Space
until the final End of Infinity and Eternity….
may Love heal every form of Life,
may love heal all of humanity,
may Love heal Planet Earth,
may Love heal ALL our Relations !
Mitakuye Oyasin !
Wakan Tanka, Tunkashila, onshimala !”

all in this together


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