Turn the light on – becoming more aware

Here’s an interesting question someone posed:
Are we getting in sync with each other or are we already in sync?
What do you think?

Diwali , a five-day festival, has started, with the main celebration being November 3rd. This festival of lights is celebrated by millions of people world-wide. It originated in India among people of different faiths, and is now an official holiday in many countries. When so many people are celebrating, meeting each other, exchanging gifts, spending time with family, relatives and friends, we can tune in to the love and gratitude of this celebration in our own daily practice.

 Row of diyas

Nov. 3 is also the night of new moon or the moonless night, and many people meditate. Links are in our Global Events page. As we meditate or practice our own form of prayer of love of the world, we begin to sense that we are already in sync.

Like the row of lamps that light up a moonless night, people in sync with each other light up our world.

What is your daily practice to feel in sync with the world?

Our pool of resources is growing – check them out.

Open Invitation to All


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