The Powerful Storm – Sync don’t Sink

The most powerful storm in recorded human history made landfall in The Philippines just a few days ago. Thousands are known to have lost their lives. The storm is now moving towards Vietnam and Southern China.

Its name is Haiyan.

When faced with a storm, the living can take one of two actions:

Those of us who are far away, on hearing this news can join one of two powerful waves going out into the world.

Ultimately, whatever each of us does or feels, we are in sync with one another. This is where our choice comes in. Do we enhance the love or the fear? Which of these actions do we support: sinking or swimming?

Today there are many calls for relief, donation, help, meditation, prayer for those who have been affected directly by the storm. What are they asking for? What will help them more: the animals, humans, plants, minerals, land, water, air affected by the storms?

Fear does not help. Argument does not help. Debate does not help. What helps immediately is to get in sync in love. Then take whatever action you can take, with love.

Help the world to stay in sync. Not sink. Whatever we choose, will affect us all.

This way, the powerful storm that is affecting the planet will be met by one even more powerful.
The storm of love, help, care, solutions, actions.
Ultimately when more and more are getting in sync, fewer and fewer will sink.
When more and more of us are sync-ing in love, gratitude, compassion every day, fewer and fewer will be overwhelmed by fear, lack, terror, loss.

A storm’s effect stays not only during the time it is passing through, but even before when it is anticipated, and even later when we are recovering. The synchronised field of love, compassion, gratitude that we are co-creating around the planet, will do the same: bring relief to the lives and feelings of millions.

For that, we need a matching powerful storm around the planet. This is the storm of love.

Nature herself brings the storm that produces both – fear and love. She shows us the way. It is your choice.

According to a web source,  the storm Haiyan has a meaning.

Haiyan means Heart. It provides an opportunity to open the global heart of humanity.

Please share this message widely. Millions are waiting to hear that we are ready to get in sync. We are in sync. We are now becoming aware of this.

pink grey storm

*A Message to Share
*An Open Invitation for All

Gratitude for the photos to the photographers whose links are mentioned. The second photo has been made lighter for the heart to become more clear.


  1. Reblogged this on Journey to Wholeness and commented:
    When a storm is named, it begins to affect the psyche of all who hear of it – those who are likely to be affected, and even those who are not.
    When a storm hits, and after it passes, its effects continue.
    Read these two blogs about the special type of storm that is called a typhoon, cyclone or hurricane.
    HURRICANE OF EMOTIONS: Seven Steps to Sensing a Storm which focuses on the emotions through our 7 main chakras
    The Powerful Storm – Sync don’t Sink which focuses on the global oneness that can come about in response to a storm.


  2. Wonderful and timely post Meenakshi – Thank you for teaching me that Haiyan means heart!!!! The Course in Miracles states that a miracle is a shift from fear to love – so how wonderful to be an agent of LOVE….meditation is a good way to spread the ripples of love throughout…..

    In gratitude,


  3. Storms are very much in the news now Meenakshi, and I like the sync not sink thread. There is such a lot of devastation, could that be stopped by everyone being in sync? What a lovely thought.
    Thank you for spreading the word on opening the Global Heart of humanity 🙂


    • “Could that be stopped”…Good question, Jacs. At the very least, what can be stopped is a spiraling down of energy in wasteful ways that can further destroy. In other words, getting in sync will cause us to be helpful when something happens rather than helpless or hindering efforts of rebuilding.


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