Streams in sync

It has been a moon-month since this initiative came to cyberspace. A time to participate in global events,  and to see where we are going.

Visitors are reading our blogs, guest-writing them, commenting, and sharing  Our Soul Family provides silent support..Key’s Midwife is meeting with the Institute of Heart Math’s Howard Martin in Sweden.  Let us take some time to revisit the spring from where we draw our inspiration.

There are several streams that are getting in sync with each other.

The streams emanate from one point.  That one point, zero, null, everything-in-nothing. What is its quality? Love… Smile…

Mountain Spring - The Water Of Life by Julia Watkins
Mountain Spring – The Water Of Life by Julia Watkins

The first words expressed, show the directions the streams are taking, to go out into the world.

Pray… Pray… Pray… Gaia needs your prayers.
Just pray with total surrender,
in complete faith…
and that prayer collectively done –
at least 1,000 or 1,500 people,
done at the same time,
will generate the positive healing energy for all of us.
Not asking for anyone special,
not even for the betterment of general life.
Just surrender and praying.
Om Namo Narayanam

The best prayer is a wordless prayer.

~  Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’
Founder the Gaia Minute movement powered by One Light Many Windows


When people accomplish their smiles and put them on the immortal state in order to attain oneness with the EXISTENCE SPIRIT,it will be the perfect way to work together with EXISTENCE SPIRIT for the construction of the wonderful SMILE WORLD.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo
Triorigin Smile World

The next words, point us towards the spring, giving us a glimpse of the source.

The universe is love. There is nothing but love.
~ Eli, Swami Shraddhananda

Smile is the essence of Existence Spirit.
~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo

Beyond the Temple

The human race has been on this planet arguably as a child and is now growing up into youthfulness and early adulthood. We are waking up to accept that this is where we need to be, that we are responsible for our world, for our planet, for our own body, mind, life. We are beginning to accept that our own inner world, the workings of soul, essence, inner guru, need to guide our actions, thoughts, feelings. In this way, we are co-creating a more wonderful world.

To-gather to-gether we don’t need to be in the same physical space

We can be in the same clock-time space. We are always together. Now, with the daily practice of gratitude, compassion, love, smile, meditation, prayer or whatever suits you, we are becoming aware of being in sync.

Why is  it important to sync? Read here.

It may be 5 pm for you in London, and 1 pm for you in New York,.  We are always in the Now of the co-ordinated time UTC, the central point from which all our different time zones stream out.


Once we understand time, we can begin to relax into it, flow with it, and merge into that beautiful space from where we emerged. With a loving smile.


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