What is ‘Sync’?


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The word Sync is short for Synchronise in the Queen’s English. Synchronize in American English

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Sync: verb


Sync, short for synchronize, is defined as to match up, or when people or things move together.


Sync is natural.

Think of a flock of birds taking off together without knocking each other off, without brushing against each other,


a school of fish change direction at the same time,


herds of antelope leaping,

2014-09-02 11.53.49 pm

people together in meditation,


dancing or playing in groups.


Sync happens over time.

We may not start synchronous with each other, but it can happen over time,  either consciously or unconsciously.   A family is walking together: the parents’ strides are long, the children’s short. Over time, they match. They are walking together.

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Sync  just for a few moments.

You may have seen the video about metronomes that begin at different speeds and then start to move together.  Then they will move to different speeds. We can go about our daily activity, and the reminder to Sync Gaia Hug comes up. Or, we may feel the call to send love and gratitude to the world. We are for a few moments, in sync, and then we can move back into our daily activity. In those few moments, we have connected with others around the world through the UTC tool and contributed to the planetary field of loving resonance.


Sync  can be conscious or unconscious.

The wonderful thing for humans is, that we are given an opportunity to get in sync consciously. We can choose when, we can choose how, we can also choose whether or not to sync and who to sync with. More and more people are now choosing to sync in love, gratitude, compassion, smile.

Sync  is a flow, a wave of light

We are particles of energy, as is all else in the universe – living and non-living, sentient and insentient, animate and inanimate. At the level of particles, we are all dancing together, inter-mixing, inter-connecting and admiration for each other and our Mother Earth. When we sync, we reach that fundamental essence of ourself, the aspect where we are uniquely one, individually together, unified in diversity. Like light, that is clear, though it has all vibrations.


What are we  sync-ing for?
We humans on the planet are constantly inter-acting and inter-being with each other: we are breathing, moving living, dancing, fighting, singing, thinking, discussing, working, wondering…you get the drift. We are becoming aware of our shared life on this planet, even our shared destiny. Let us use this awareness to bring harmony and benefit to all beings. It is possible, it is real, it is happening right now. What is needed, is that we get in sync, in different groups of people, all through the day and night, every day. Using the UTC tool, it is possible to set up a continuous wave of harmony around the planet.
Synchronicity begins to happen….
Suddenly you find that there are amazing coincidences happening in your life. You get an unexpected check in the mail for the exact amount of  a course you wanted to join. You meet someone you had lost touch with, just as you were thinking of them. Take this as a sign that you are in sync.
Sync  is smile : ) !!!


You smile, and the world smiles with you. When you sync, you are never alone.

Images of sync

~ Meenakshi Suri

2014-09-03 01.55.33 am

Definitions of Synchronize/Synchronise or [high school dictionary version]


To synchronize is to coordinate or time events so they happen all at the same time.

1. to cause to indicate the same time, as one timepiece with another.

2. to cause to go on, move, operate, work, etc., at the same rate and exactly together.

3. a. to cause (sound and action) to match precisely in the making of a film or videotape. b. to match the sound and action in (a filmed or taped scene).

4. to cause to agree in time of occurrence; assign to the same time or period, as in a history.

5. to occur at the same time or coincide or agree in time.

6. to go on, move, operate, work, etc., at the same rate and exactly together; recur together.

[1615–25; < Greek synchronízein to be contemporary with; see synchronous]

syn•chro•nous (ˈsɪŋ krə nəs) adj.

1. occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; contemporaneous; simultaneous.

2. going on at the same rate and exactly together; recurring together.

3. (of two or more electrical devices) having the same frequency or period; in phase.

  1. Origin of synchronizeAn example of synchronize is when dancers coordinate their movements.
  2. An example of synchronize is when you and a friend both set your watch to 12:15.

Greek sunkhronizeinto be contemporary, from sunkhronoscontemporaneous;

see: contemporary


  1. The definition of contemporary is existing at the same time or of the present time period.

    Origin of contemporary

    from Classical Latin com-, with + temporarius, of time ; from tempus, time 

[also see temper and how it would apply to synchronize: Temper is defined as to moderate or soften something or make it less intense.
Origin of temper
Middle English tempren ; from Old English temprian and amp; Old French temprer, both; from Classical Latin temperare, to observe proper measure, mix, regulate,  forbear; from tempus (gen. temporis), time, period, origin, originally, a span; from Indo-European an unverified form tempo]

 see synchronous


  1. The definition of synchronous is something that happens at the same time or has consistent timing between each occurrence.
    1. An example of something synchronous is swimmers that all start at the same sound.
    2. An example of something synchronous is the timing of the action for parts of your car’s engine.

Origin: from Classical Greek synchronos;  sun-, syn- + khronos, time

synonyms geostationary  coincideconcur. See near


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