Spoiled for choice

This is a world of choices. Choice of TV channels, of places to go to, of friends to make, and now, of global events for the good of all, to which we can add our energy from the comfort of our own homes.

We are spoiled for choice!

All over the world, people are beginning to come together to be positive, grateful, meditate, pray, celebrate. Our global events calendar shows the different movements that are waking people up.

These are global events for everyone: children and grown-ups, meditators and non-meditators, active and sedentary people,  the retired and the workforce, the wealthy and the wanting, the busy and the bored, the awakened and awakening – everyone is beginning to feel the calls, beginning to participate, starting to choose, receiving the benefit.

Some events are for a specific time. Others, at your own convenient time.

Here is a request:

Choose the first half hour of any UTC hour whenever possible.
This way, we will get in sync. Millions of us are needed, in every time zone, so that there is round-the-clock and round-the-globe, a continuous wave of love, gratitude and compassion that is engulfing our world.

Getting in sync is benefiting us all.

rainboglight unique1 sgh
More posters at http://is.gd/syncposters


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