Gaia’s Christmas Gift to “Children of the Earth”

“Hug of Love” Gaia’s Christmas Gift for all Children of Mother Earth.


Dear Children, take the “Hug of Love” as my Gift and follow my Wish.

Each of you: girl, boy, woman or man can share ten minutes of mindful focus once a day or more for affecting the mood of near and dear ones, whether they live near you or at a distance. Make them happy and bring a smile to their faces in just ten minutes a day!


What does it cost you? Your time. What can you do? You can do a smile meditation, channel light, wordless prayer, hug a tree, or simply feel that you are hugging the whole world, thanking the whole world, feeling positive thoughts of love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness.

cropped-gaia-earth-minute-kes-for-m2.jpgVisualize: When millions of people do this, in the first half hour UTC daily, successively, back-to-back, then the planet will be standing wrapped by an hourly throbbing wave of conscious feelings and positive thoughts: love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness.

Love and Gratitude flowing into Gaia, for the benefit all beings on Mother Earth.The Hug of Love will embrace the whole planet as a wave ~ with all green Life, all fish, nekton, birds, insects and – of course – all humans. Each heart-brain entity resonates with a feeling of security and affiliation, and it is best when we are aware of it.


Feel secure, take comfort in me from loneliness .

Give ten minute focus to the “Wave of Love” once a day. You will receive the support, benefits returning to you from millions 24 times each day.

Your Mother Earth


A Gift of Mother Earth


The ten or more minutes in the first half hour of any hour – e.g. 1 -1.30, or 2 -2.30, or 3 -3.30 UTC and so on, at any time of day and night. When millions of people across all creeds of our human diversity do this around the clock successively the planet is wrapped in a gently throbbing field of resonance 24 hours a day.

With love from the Soul Families gathering in sync



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