The message we waited for is here

We’ve waited for a message. It is now here : Sync

Nicholas Roerich _Rite of Spring
Nicholas Roerich _From Rite of Spring

We’ve gathered in small groups. Now we are getting aware that there are larger gatherings.


We may be in public, in a private gathering, or in our own homes, but we are gathering together in Mother Earth’s heart.


From the privacy of our own homes, we are connecting with one another.As the sages in the mountains have been doing for thousands of years.

Babaji & Mataji
Babaji & Mataji

At the same times, first half hour of every UTC hour, we are sending waves of light to Mother Earth and all beings.  As the ascended beings have been doing for thousands of years.

Love and Gratitude flowing into Gaia, for the benefit all beings on Mother Earth.

It is now our time to bring that energy of love to the lives of everyone and the presence of everything on this Planet. We are the ones who have taken birth on this beautiful Earth to bring a life of happiness, smile and prosperity to all.

Now go and share this message with everyone, with all Mother Earth’s children:

is-nautilus-planet[1]The call you were waiting for, has come. We have reached the critical mass for the first phase of this unfolding. You are dreaming, hoping, praying, meditating, channeling light, serving, sharing, hugging, loving, smiling, being grateful, compassionate, kind – now, do this together, mindfully, with awareness that you are not alone. We are together. Let us gather together in our hearts.

Gaia is calling: Love Mother Earth and send a hug to the whole world.




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