Sync for ‘Us’: Ubuntu, Maitri, Mitakuye Oyasin

Dear Mother Earth, I am because of you. You nurtured me before birth and continue to support me all through my life and even after I pass.
Dear child, I am because of you. You are always in my heart.

We are all threads of love in each other’s heart. This truth has been expressed in different cultures, One light has been streaming into us from many windows. The language is not easy to translate but the sense of peace, love and harmony that come from these words is unmistakable.
Ubuntu – human-ness, human kindness, a philosophy of the Nguni Bantu from Africa
Maitri – lovingkindness, harmonious friendship, a philosophy of the Buddha from the Sanskrit word from India.
Mitakuye Oyasin ~ All my relations, We are all related, All are my relations, a philosophy from the Lakota in USA

Without words, our animal and plant brothers and sisters, and all of nature, has been showing us the truth of how we are related. The wind flows across national boundaries, carrying with it the sounds and atoms of beings from all over the world.We breathe each other in and give out our breath to the world. The oceans of the world are one, despite their different names. Their waters inter-mingle, bringing messages to us not only in a bottle or a wave lapping the beach, but also with the rain that falls on us, the streams and rivers and lakes in our world.

~ Meenakshi Suri


Let these thoughts flow in and out of you, and as they flow out, think

Sarva Mangalam Bhavatu – May all beings be benefited.

May there be peace in earth, water, fire, and air, the sun, moon, and planet, in all living beings, in body, mind and heart. May that peace be everywhere and in everyone.



  1. Dear Connector,

    That “new Christmas post to Sync Gaia Hug” about was the most amazing and glamorous Christmas gift
    I have ever received. The mood of the picture and video inspired me to understand:
    the threads to all Life in the entire Cosmos.

    We the humans, have threads to connect with sensing and living beings not only on our planet Earth. I’m sure that the universe has given, gave, gives now and will ever give a multitude of other planets with Life. That too, A conscious Life.

    We, here on Jagat, we are able to make virtual contact to “the Life in Universe”.
    We can send our wishes, our feeling, our Ubuntu and Maitri to the still unknown Them.

    Thank you Connector. Thank you soooo much.
    No proper words exist yet to express my thankfulness.

    ‘ Key’s Midwife ‘


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