2013 ~ 2014 Raise your spirits with sync

The last day of 2013 is upon us, and this year it is also the last of the waning moon.

We will wake tomorrow to a new day, a new year, a new moon’s moonless night. Above all, this is a time the world thinks of raising their spirits by celebrating. This year, let’s bring in a new kind of celebration. 

sgh 2013 2014
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How will you bring this passage in your life, of  old to new ? There are many messages that you will read today, of what the new moon signifies, of how the stars are aligned, of  parties and global celebrations, meditations.

Celebrations, whether local or global are all meant to raise the spirit. How does spirit get raised? By coming together, meeting friends, sharing food. Choose the celebration that will allow you to wake to the new year with spirits as joyful as those that help you to end 2013.


You may find that the greatest celebration, the one that you enjoy the most, with no side effects and hangovers, is that one quiet time you spend by yourself, alone but connected to everyone and everything on earth.


Radiate gratitude, compassion, smile, light , love into the world. Receive the blessings, and let them flow.

That is our gift to you of this passing of old to new. Like a thread, the sync will help us to say goodbye to one of the most significant years in human history to the dawn of one with possibilities and potentialities beyond our imagining.

We are family. And as children  of our beloved Mother Earth we are now starting to give back just as we are receiving. Share this gift with all.


Global events you can join from your own home



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