New Year Resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year!

Let’s make these our New Year Resolutions

This year, when you hug someone you love, send that HUG  to everyONE on earth.

When you smile at something you like, extend that SMILE to everyone and everything on earth.

When you celebrate with family and friends,  send out the vibes to the entire living world of  brothers and sisters.

When you pray, meditate, contemplate – know that you are in sync with Gaia: the whole world.

Choose a time that is the first half-hour of any UTC hour, to co-ordinate your practice with the world.

Radiate light and love to the world, and receive the loving  light that is radiating from the universe.

This New Year,  resolve to  Sync. There can be no more rewarding resolution than this.




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