Acts of kindness ~ Awareness of sync

Sync Kindness with Smile

sgh kindness
Share this poster of the sync of kindness with everyone in the world and smiles will brighten.

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Every day people around us are practicing random acts of kindness. Maybe it is you who is reaching out to someone who is sad, feeding someone who is hungry,  or supporting someone who is helpless. Sometimes, you are kind by accepting an offer of help even if you do not feel you need it. For kindness, like mercy,  is twice blessed: it blesses both the giver and receiver.

You may be kind to a stranger, someone known or even to yourself. The receiver may be any living thing: person, animal or plant.

Upgrade these acts of kindness by making them regular.

Every day, I practice kindness.

Extend their value to the world by connection.

Every day, as I practice kindness, I connect to people around the world who are also practicing acts of kindness.

Enhance the benefit of your act of kindness to the entire world by sync in the first half-hour of any UTC hour, so that it is available at any time to anyone in the world. It joins the random and regular acts of kindness that are shown every day by people and animals all over the world.

Every day we practice kindness in sync to extend the kindness to everyone and everything in our world.

In this way, we wrap our planet in a pulsating global hug.

Above all, once you have practiced an act of kindness, feel its blessings on both giver and receiver, and then let it go. Let every act of kindness fly free into the world, allowing all to benefit from its energy. Feel the lovingkindness that is lighting up our world.

Every moment that we are kind, we have brought smile to the children of the world, and enhanced the consciousness of Gaia by bringing in light. This is the message of our Soul Family of Sync Gaia Hug.



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