Feb 14th: Full Moon Love ~ Valentine’s Day ~Lantern Festival

A few moons ago, the vision of the world coming together in sync came to light, and this website was launched. Many global initiatives are beginning to realize that we are inter-connected, and we need to come together actively, to wrap the planet in an hourly pulsating field of love.

smile pray love gratitude

Many more are waiting for this message, so let us give it a FULL MOON VALENTINE LOVE push, powered by the LIGHT OF LANTERNS.


Love under the full moon. It brings memories of simple days, perfect setting for lovers in all cultures around the world.


Valentine’s Day is becoming the world-wide celebration of love between not only lovers but also everyone we love. How perfect that these two events are synchronizing  and Earth will experience the Full Moon this Valentine’s Day.


This February 14th is also the Chinese Lantern festival, the 15th lunar day of the Chinese New Year.

The rotation of the earth and the human-creation of clock time will mean that some countries of the world will experience the Full Moon on the day after Valentine’s Day or the Chinese Lantern Festival. We embrace the vision of clock-time because it helps us to get in sync with one another. When we sync, love floods the earth.


Let us all share this message: Begin to send love, gratitude, compassion to the moon. She will radiate it back to Earth, enveloping the whole world in loving light. Radiate, radiate, radiate. Receive, receive, receive.

A Message to Share

Understand Time Co-ordination UTC time

Who can resist the Mother’s hug?
Who can resist the Mother’s smile?
Her smile is love
Her embrace is love

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