~Synchronize your heart beat


Synchronize your heart beat with the cosmic heart beat. Centering and synchronizing your heart supports all of existence in restoring Harmony. Everything is connected with everything with no exceptions.

What is Sync?

Your love makes a difference to the whole. You are a miracle of love embedded in a universe of love. Love is who and what you are.


The deer, you, me and the whole of existence is energetically connected at all times and whether we consciously know or not, our heart feels every vibe, every change of mood of our sisters and brothers.


We are all connected thru a fine web of energetic “threads” and every thought, every feeling or act is sending its vibration (information) throughout the Whole and co-interacts with the rest. A spider’s web demonstrates this in divine perfection – when we touch it at any given place, it affects the rest.

That is why it is paramount to keep a pure mind and pure heart, because whatever we choose to think, feel or do, that is what we share with the Whole. To say I do not have any influence on the whole, is denying our very own nature.

atraccion mental

Everything starts with a thought, then transforms into an emotion and creates the corresponding act. If we care beyond Self and honor and love all of existence, we will find the strength to discipline ourselves to choose love for the greater Whole. And if we are smart, we will understand, that all that we are doing for the greater Whole, we do for our-self. And all that we do for our-self, we do for the greater Whole. So let’s start with our-self.

smile pray love gratitude

Let’s start to choose wisely and to take on response-ability for the Whole… no one is standing alone, but everyone plays a part. Make peace with yourself, accept yourself exactly as you are, show mercy with the parts of you, that you dislike and all shall transform in the grace of love. Live from the heart in worship of the greater Whole. You make a difference big enough to change the greater Whole.

May love guide you always. Blessings of love, peace, joy and abundance to our magnificent One Being of love. ♥♥♥


Sync in the first half-hour of any UTC hour

Share this message with all

Mother Earth’s wish


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