Smile Meditation in a wonder world

Whether you are beginning meditation, or have practiced it for some time, Smile Meditation helps us to see that this is a  world of wonder.



WE realize that this is WONDER WORLD
This world is a wonder world. The whole world is
perfect harmony itself; therefore, this world is
entirely full of wonders. As Existence Spirit, perfect it
self creates whole this world; this world is perfect
world and becomes a wonder world from the beginning.
We start living with the awareness. As a result every action every event becomes smile meditation.

“Watching your breath” is meditation, listening to the birds music is meditation and enjoying music with
inner joy is meditation, chanting Mantras is meditation, feeling beauty deep inside of you is meditation,
enjoying Nature’s beauty is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to
the mind, it is effective smile meditation which gives smile bliss and joy to our senses.

Smile Meditation can help anyone. It is a simple process to learn, and while it does take practice, it is something that anyone can develop. To best prove this statement, try this simple meditation.
Close one’s eyes. Breathe in with smile through the nose, and out through the mouth. Breathe deeply with smile. Concentrate only on smile breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this until there is only the breathing. This process will take most roughly five to ten minutes. This will help one become more focused.

Bhupinder Kaur, Smile World
Choose any time, and you might find that you are choosing the first half hour of a UTC hour. Day or night, you will be in sync with thousands around the world who are also practicing some form of meditation, wordless prayer or light channeling, or simply sending gratitude, love, compassion to the world.
Sync. And you will smile.


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