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Choose a daily practice at a regular time to respond to the universal call- Sync intensifies in spirals of Universal Time Coordinated 24 times a day: 1:01||2:02||3:03||4:04||5:05||6:06||7:07||8:08||9:09 ||10:10||11:11||12:12|…. and so on morning and evening Please share with all. Gaia is calling

*Light Channeling Technique

Sync with millions of children and adults who are practicing a simple technique for 7 minutes daily: channeling light. When practiced in the first half hour of any UTC hour, we are in sync with one another.
So far more than 2 million children from 4366 schools in India have channeled Light. Over 500,000 children of 1140 schools have taken up Light channeling as part of their daily prayer.

children light jan 2014

We enter into the New Age where Love, Peace and Harmony are the natural conditions of existence of everyone and everything on this earth. There will be no place for non-love, violence and un-truth and those who hold on to these negativity will perish. That is why Transformation is of paramount importance.

light rays

  • Imagine an ocean of Light above you.
  • Imagine the Light descending and filling up your body.
  • Experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute.
  • Then, imagine the Light spreading around gradually to your home, locality, country and the whole world.

~ From our Soul Family: Light Channels World Movement


About Gaia Consciousness

Gaia consciousness is the awareness that all sentient and insentient beings on Mother Earth's planetary body are inter-connected. As human beings are waking to this, I am facilitating, witnessing and recording. ~ Meenakshi Suri

2 comments on “*Light Channeling Technique

  1. homo sapiens
    February 23, 2014

    Let the light pulse in SYNC too. Let it shine first halfs hours and rest meanwhile.
    So world can onwardly go in luck, as sun give daylight, night relax.


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