Honoring Shiva – with our Soul Family

During the next ten days become aware of millions of people world-wide and specially in India who will observe Mahashivratri, a time of removal of the old and impure in order to make room for a new creation which is pure and divine.  In our daily Sync practice in the first half hour of any UTC hour, let us connect to the light of gratitude, love, compassion flowing around the world. In the second half hour of any UTC hour, we can let go, forgive whatever is tying us down.

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Here is a post from our Soul Family: Light Channeling Movement:

(27.02.2014) is the Sacred day of Maha Shivaratri. At midnight tomorrow, the Great Rishis (Light Masters) travel to the Divine Plane of Lord Shiva and bring a part of Him with them to our earth. So, Lord Shiva literally comes down to earth.

Lord Shiva is generally known as the Destroyer, because His energies are required for the destructive processes of the Cosmos. But the energies of Creation and Sustenance are also in Him.


On the following morning before Sunrise, Lord Shiva enters every house as a ray of Light. His Divine Energies will be available on this earth as Light for ten days.

The Rishis apprise Lord Shiva of the Spiritual condition of this earth and its people. Based on this, Lord Shiva may give instructions to the Rishis, who are the administrators of this earth.


During the ten days of Lord Shiva’s stay on earth, we can absorb more of His energies by meditating and channelling Light more, and also by trying to be aware of His energies and His Presence throughout the day.

May the Lord’s Divine energies destroy all the negativity and ignorance in us and help us awaken.

Guruji Krishnananda

According to the Triorigin theory from our Triorigin Smile soul family Shiva’s dance can be seen as a Neutro or harmonizing force as his dance  has the energies of Hetero [newness, expansion] as well as Homo [contraction] – it destroys the evil or old energies to create a better world.


Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’ who brought the message of the Gaia Minute, has quoted:

Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham
That eternal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure consciousness.
~ Ādi Śankarācārya

Shiva who took for himself the fierce, dark and bitter poison first churned up from the sea of life and left to others the nectar. But the choice that Shiva made with knowledge and from love ~ Sri Aurobindo


When we sync with people around the world, we embrace the planet in pulsating waves of light, and that is the wish of our Mother Earth FOR all her children and FROM all her children.

Open Invitation to All

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