What you can do

The Sync project is for the whole world. It is for individuals like you and me, and for organizations that wish to make this world a better place.

So- what can you personally do? There are many volunteer opportunities.

First, of course, is to get in sync with others around the world. Choose a practice. Any practice, that gets you feeling as if your soul, your heart, your self is smiling. It could be meditation, light channeling, Taiji, Qigong, yoga, praying, hugging a tree, saying something you are grateful for, showing compassion, kindness, or anything else.

man working outdoors

Second,  share the Open Invitation to All on your website or through emails, posts in groups and pags.

Third, you can write a blog-post for this  Sync Gaia Hug website, on topics related to the central purpose: helping the world sync for the benefit of all on Earth.


Fourth, you can make images or share your artwork on topics related to the Sync Gaia Hug message. Please place a link to this website on the artwork.

Fifth, if you have any other suggestions or would like to volunteer your time to help to spread this beautiful message, please comment here or write to tpolgaia at gmail dot com.

Thank you.



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