Participate in Today’s Global Events

These are today’s global events. Most of them are from wherever you are and yet you will be connected to everyone who is also in meditation or prayer or mindfulness, raising the vibration of the world.

We suggest: use the first half hour of any UTC hour for synchronizing love, light, gratitude, and the second half hour for forgiveness, letting go. They all lead to wordless prayer.
  • ♡ A Transforming Wave of Love & Light to Manifest Heaven on Earth! 🙂
  • 29 Days of Gratitude: Love Lives Here! Starting 3/1/14
  • Gaia is Calling ~ Daily wordless prayer togetherღ Mother Earth❦ and all beings ~ ❦ ~
  • Meditation- for all souls who have passed away
  • Lets send our love & light to Fukushima & Mother Earth for life sake!
  • GLOBAL MEDITATION (&/OR PRAYERS) for world peace, animals & the earth

meditate in sync with the world

You can channel  light, meditate, pray wordlessly, send  healing light, give gratitude, hold an intention or let  go of all intention . Whatever you decide to do, you will be reaching out to the whole world.

global meditation1

So- choose an event to join. They are hosted by different groups, but all have the same intent – to bring about a world of peace, light, love. Show your presence on the events. .Follow this blog for updates.  Even if you cannot see the daily events, continue to do whatever you enjoy for raising the vibration of this planet. If you are hosting or attending an event, share it here.


For ten minutes or more, take time off every day to perform your daily practice. You will begin to feel the benefits of this special time you have set aside. Even more wonderful, as you begin to tell your friends, family, relatives , share through emails and websites, you will begin to spread the benefit to a widening circle. As each of us becomes aware that we are not alone in practicing something that benefits self and others, the world will become a place that is wonderful for everyone to live in.

A Message to Share: How to Sync – Choose the first half hour of every UTC hour for sync

A beautiful message I saw on the web today:

meditate child dalai lama



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