Continue sync of World Water Day

An important message of HUGSync is – daily practice.

A message from World Water Day: every day that you drink water, sync.

water bodies sync

Isn’t it wonderful that so many people got together on World Water Day, March 22nd,  to send healing, prayers, meditations, compassionate focus to water, an essential ingredient of life on earth.

Water is rare in the universe, and on earth, we are so fortunate to have it in different forms – fresh water springs, lakes and flowing rivers, still water ponds, salt water lakes and oceans, ebb-and-flow oceans and seas, water vapor in clouds and in the air, ice, snow.

All life requires water. Human beings can live without food, but not more than three days without water.

drink water sync

So – every day that you drink water, sync with water!

This way, you sync with  the world. Remember – in the first half hour of any UTC hour, drink water with mindfulness, gratitude, love. Feel the connection that you have to water, and to the world. See the freedom that water gives us, to travel, explore, cleanse ourselves.

In your own time, in your own space, even when you are alone, you can sync. With water, to the world. Give blessings. Receive blessings.


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