The seed has sprouted. We call it sync.

It is a little seed that once lay still, silent, potent but unseen, hidden deep in the hearts of you and me and them.

Some called it hope, some hoped for its sprouting. Some doubted its existence, others intended it to grow. Some shielded it from hailstorms, others helped it to shed its coat, to sprout forth into the light.

The seed has sprouted. We call it sync.

The seed is sprouting. We can call it love.

seed sprouts sync

This is a seed that sprouts whether it is embraced, or let free. For it has a momentum of its own. It has a spring of life given to it by its Mother Earth; an explosion of inspiration from the miraculous Sky. It lives in an ecosphere that is unique in the universe, that helps it to hurtle through space feeling safe as in a mother’s arms.

That is the seed in your heart. That is the sprouting of your love. This is the world in which you live. For you are the seed, and the deepest dreams of your being are now sprouting. You cannot stop that growth, but you can help it by casting out the sheaths that cover its essence. Gently, gently, gently.

butterfly seed sync

Burst out from  the pain of your life on earth, the pain of hate, violence, anger, loss, that you may see swirling around. Look at that seed that is sprouting – it needs your support, your care, your commitment, the focus of your loving gaze.

Just ten minutes a day, give your focus. When you do this in the first half of any hour of universal time coordinated, the dream seeds will come to life.

A better life for us all. It is possible. It is happening. It is waiting for you. To sync.

~ Meenakshi Suri

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dream seeds sync



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