In the silent moments, when you are still, what do you dream about?

What wish goes forth from your heart?

In your daily rush what do you wish for?

What words do you hide deep within?

In the unguarded moments that burst through routine

What is the wish that whispers its song?

What do you see from the corners of your eyes, hear in the whistling of the breeze, sense in the smile of loved ones, feel in the touch of the child?

What is your wish for yourself, for your family, your community, your nation, your environment, your world, your planet, your universe?

Dare to say it aloud

Love to share it with us

Walk to bring it to life

So this is your space now- WHAT IS YOUR WISH?

~Meenakshi Suri

sync wish



  1. What I wish? Let wait, – I wish,,,, I wish ,,, You see: NOTHING , I am happy. am quiet with the calm around … the sun shines … I feel the breeze.
    the time break off and stand … my day nears to night ,,, shortly come to me the sleep. Yes! the sleep. I wish? to keep nothing again,


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