Dedicate your happiness to the world

Sync is a beautiful way to dedicate every moment of happiness to the world.

I am grateful

I receive blessings

I radiate blessings

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Receive, radiate .Img courtesy


The world is getting in sync.

Slowly. Surely. It is inevitable because this is a call from our beloved Mother Earth. This is a call in the hearts of all her children. A desire for happiness. A need for happiness. A want for happiness. Now, we make this an intention for happiness.

We sync in the first half of any hour.

In most of the world, we are sync-ed with the UTC hour. The Universal Time Co-ordinated. If your time zone is a few minutes before or after the UTC, you will find you are gradually getting in sync.  Specially if you set an intention to sync.

Do this whenever you are grateful: Receive. Radiate.  Dedicate your moments of happiness to the world. They multiply. And in your own unique way, you are in sync with the world.


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