Sync with the sun – or the wind

Do you have a routine for the day, like the sun? Or do you prefer to let the day unfold as it will, like the wind?

Whether you are like the sun or the wind, you are connected with the world. We share the sun, and the breezes and winds of our planet flow freely into our breath.

receive radiate sun sync

Do you rise and set as the sun does, having something fixed for most of your day? In that case, sync is easy for you.  Just think of the whole world once a day. when you are doing something that makes you feel happy, loving, compassionate, light, grateful. Receive and radiate.

sync breeze

Do you prefer your day to be like the wind, not a set routine? Then intend for sync to flow into your life. You may begin to feel the hourly waves of pulsating loving light coming from the world, from Mother Earth.

Open to receive. As you receive, gratitude flows from your heart. Your gratitude and happiness flow like sunshine in the breezes of our planetary home.

It is easy to do something that benefits the world. It is easy to receive something that benefits your life.

Just synchronize. Once a day – or more if you like! – for ten minutes – or more if you like!- become aware of the love in this world. Chances are, it will be in the first half of the hour. Synchronize with the Universal Time Coordinated. Chances are, that this will bring a measure of stability in your life. A time that is precious because you can be by yourself, and still help the world to move closer to harmony and happiness for all.

Sync is simple. Simply wonderful. Like the sun, it benefits all who open to it. Like the wind, share it freely. As you do so, you are already benefiting the world.

sync tree sunlight


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