Sync at Easter & Pesach

Millions around the world of the Christian and Jewish faith, are celebrating this weekend. Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pesach, or Passover, deliverance from slavery.

Lightworkers and people open to the light of different faiths, celebrate the seasons as the coming of light, of Christ Consciousness, of liberation from binding.

Today, when you sync, you are with people world-wide who are also raising their vibration. Let us all together start with gratitude, with the intention of a world that is wonderful for all, and in the smile that emanates, enter the light of wordless prayer.

See the time. Were you in sync in the first half of a UTC hour? Chances are, yes.

Everything we experience together, is thanks to our Mother Earth. Today, connect to the heart of the Mother. Look around you. You are surrounded by your brothers and sisters, in harmony.

Smile- you’re in sync!

sync easter passover
Connect to EARTh’s HeART    Art courtesy Francene Hart






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