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Choose a daily practice at a regular time to respond to the universal call- Sync intensifies in spirals of Universal Time Coordinated 24 times a day: 1:01||2:02||3:03||4:04||5:05||6:06||7:07||8:08||9:09 ||10:10||11:11||12:12|…. and so on morning and evening Please share with all. Gaia is calling

Sync with your Feet

You are walking.
You are touching the earth with your feet.
Sync, and through  your feet you benefit yourself, and your world.

Whether you are walking barefoot on the earth’s surface, or suspended miles above it, you are still walking the earth. Through the layers of shoes, metal, concrete, or other material, which have all in one way or another come from earth, you are still resting on earth.
As a mother carries her child, our planet earth carries us as she hurtles through space.
As a mother nurtures her child, our planet earth nourishes us. The cycle of life begins and ends in the elements of our earth.

Mother Earth, as I walk your land and waters, move through your atmosphere and sleep on your bosom, let me always remember that I am your child, that all living beings are my brothers and sisters, that we are all beloved of you.
As I walk the earth, let me send love to everyone and everything that walks and burrows, and flies, and swims and simply exists on this planetary mother.
Sync is just that simple. Send love, and do this everyday, in the middle of the first half of any UTC hour. In this way, we are walking the earth together, and even more importantly – we are aware that we are together, that we are inter-connected, that we love.

Images gratitude: the World-Wide-Web of Wonder

UTC Sync Times :

1:10-1:20| 2:10-2:20|3:10-3:20 | 4:10-4:20| 5:10-5:20| 6:10-6:20| 7:10-7:20|8:10-8:20|:10-9:20|10:10-10:20| 11:10-11:20| 12:10-12:20|.13:10-13:20| 14:10-14:20| 15:10-15:20…. .23:10-23:20| 00:10-00-20


About Gaia Consciousness

Gaia consciousness is the awareness that all sentient and insentient beings on Mother Earth's planetary body are inter-connected. As human beings are waking to this, I am facilitating, witnessing and recording. ~ Meenakshi Suri

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