It’s all free

There is so much that is free nowadays. We have free posters for you to download, save, share. Have you seen them? Here’s the latest:


Heart ~ harmony ~ sync. Save it. It’ll help you to remember your daily sync.


There is a pulsating wave every hour, freely given by people all around the world, forming a Sync Family that is focusing on channeling light, sending healing, collecting in wordless prayer, meditating with smile, on the inter-connectedness of all earth’s children, on Gaia.

meditate in sync with the world

Open your heart, open your arms, open your palms to receive. Then radiate it out into your daily life, knowing you are benefiting people all around the world while feeling the benefit for yourself.

There is a place in your world where you can be alone and yet not lonely. It is within your own heart. Every day, connect to that place. You will find peace, harmony, smile.

It’s like a spa that’s free. Try it now. Every day, in the middle of the first half of any hour in Universal Time Coordinated, enter that serene space.





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