May Our Mothers Smile : -)

Divine Mother.

Mother Earth.

Earthly Mother.

mother's day syncBirth Mother.  God-Mother. Grand-Mother.
Adoptive Mother. Mother-in-Law. Step-Mother.
May is Mothers Day for many people world-wide! A day when we acknowledge what we feel in our hearts everyday: gratitude for the unconditional love that has gifted us this life on the wonderful planet Earth.

giving receivingWhat can we gift the mother? Hugs. Harmony. Love. Smiles.

When children are in harmony, the mother smiles.

To get in harmony, adopt a daily practice that suits you, and a time that suits you. Get in sync with your brothers and sisters.

May all Mothers sMile every day. The light of their smile brightens this world.

gratitude mother earth sync gaia solutions

Click the photo or this link for more free posters to spread HUGS of harmony and love in the world.

May the ever-smiling Divine Mother shine her ever-lasting grace on all earth mothers. In her eyes, we are always in sync. Now let us show our Mother Earth and our earthly mothers that we can practice harmony everyday. Let us hug the mother every day, so that an hourly wave of love pulsates around the world, to help everyone who reaches out. As we receive, we radiate. As we radiate, we receive.

A suggestion to sync is the Hourly Universal Global Sync – in the midst of the first half of every hour UTC.

People in many countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May. In Spain, Día de las Madres  is on the first Sunday. In Mexico, Dia de las Madres is on May 10th. In Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Peru, and Turkey and cities in India it is observed on the second Sunday which is May 11th this year. Bolivia celebrates Mothers Day on May 27th.  More at One Light Many Windows online library.

Please share this message with all. As we send HUGS to our Mother Earth everyday, we hug all our mothers, and all their children. That is the unconditional love that connects all mothers. So once again – Happy Mothers Day MOMS!

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