Sync your breath with mine

Children of the earth dwell with me in appreciation of the love that sustains and permeates all life. Lightworkers your work is done… It is time to celebrate and share the joy that flows thru your veins and rivers of life.

The most powerful way to anchor the adamantine particles of love is thru your presence… Thru your conscious awareness of BE-ing light you ground and stabilize the love into the earth grid, that hold the planetary body in form.

No rituals needed…. No lightwork or earth healing is more powerful than your aligning your heart beat with mine and syncing your breath with mine.

You are deeply loved not because of what you do but because of who you are. Just be, just love. You do not need to prove yourself to be worthy of love. Celebrating the love that you are nurtures and strengthens the love in all.

Lightworkers, start seeing yourself as lightBEings…. Start celebrating with me the light in all in its healed balanced form, that already exists within you and all life in the parallel reality you call future, which IS here and now.

You are expressions of this light in perfection star-seeded ones.

– Lady Gaia

Grace Antara Ma

deeply loved gaia beth budesheim
Freely and generously share this message with all: Hourly Universal Global Sync- a beautiful way to hug the whole world by hugging our Mother Earth

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