Create sync ~ not suffering


When thousands fight, untold millions perish

When thousands die, untold millions suffer

When thousands sync in harmony and compassion, untold millions benefit

Create Sync ~ not suffering. This will benefit, you and yours, me and mine, us and ours.


When millions of people join together in an endeavor such as this, the energies so generated can bring miraculous changes. This is the message of the Gaia Minute. This is the essence of Smile Meditation, Light Channeling, Breathe as One, and many others who are sharing their messages with the world.

 When we participate at synchronized  times  Mother Earth and all of us get the benefit of round-the-clock healing, becoming whole.

How to synchronize: choose the midst of the first half of any UTC hour : e.g. 1:10-1:20, 2:10-2:20 etc…. and whatever practice of harmony you know. It can be meditation or prayer, yoga or taiji, qigong or another healing activity, pranayama or yogic breath.

1000s together


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