SYNC: Sing Your Natural Cantata

When you wake in the morning, let out a sound, just a ummmmmm. That is your natural note, the sound that defines the essence of you, before you put on your worldly persona.


Today, when you are ready to sync, sing your natural song. Your song and my song, his song and her song, our song and their song- all of them sung together, rise into the atmosphere and flow with the wind all over the world.

sync hummingbirds

This is the cantata of sync, the natural coming together of our voices as they sing the song of harmony.

You know you love the world, your fellow humans, your animal brothers and sisters, your plant friends, your Mother Earth, Gaia.  Let the song of your love sing out! Volunteer to sing, speak, write, and share this message freely and widely.

Sync. It’s natural.As natural as the cantata of hummingbirds.



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