Sync. Every day. For the benefit of yourself and the world. When we Sync, we are aware of the inter-connection among us all. We enter the space where we are vibrating as one – all our differences and diversities make a pattern of the consciousness of the universe.

When more conscious beings are connected to the same focused intention, a stronger and more intense bond is formed in our collective consciousness. This synchronicity of group consciousness can be strengthened by a common focus or intention.

mother child intention sync

Imagine the possibilities if millions of people in the world merged their auras as one. When we talk about the world reaching a higher level of conscious awareness, it is the result of many people merging their frequencies as one into a coherent pattern of resonating energy.synced intention

The realization that we are all one will heal the world.”

unity consciousness sync
Adam, The Path Of The Dreamhealer,p.94

Source: Gaia is Calling

Universal Time Co-ordinated. A brilliant tool to help us to sync.

1:10-1:20| 2:10-2:20|3:10-3:20 | 4:10-4:20| 5:10-5:20| 6:10-6:20| 7:10-7:20| 8:10-8:20| 10-9:20|10:10-10:20| 1:10-11:20| 12:10-12:20| 13:10-13:20|14:10-14:20|15:10-15:20 | 16:10 -16:20| 17;10- 17:20| 18:10 – 18:20 | 19:10 – 19:20 | 20:10 – 20:20 | 21:10 – 21:20 | 22:10 – 22:30 |23:10-23:20| 00:10-00-20


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