#IAMPEACE – a global meditation event for August 8th 2014 is sweeping  social media. Events such as this can gather millions of people. We are joining in also. Register at

There is another global event that is taking place – not once a year, or once a month, or once a week – but every day. Every day, think peace, act peace, feel peace, speak, write, art, share peace. Follow any practice that makes you feel peaceful. It can be healing or walking, meditating or exercising, breathing or chanting, praying or being in gratitude – whatever makes you peaceful, be aware that others around the world are also in a peaceful practice at the same time.

When millions of us become aware of this, as millions participate, we establish an hourly universal global sync : these H.U.G.S.  transform the world so that everyone can live in happiness, in smile, in serenity, in joy, aliveness, vibrancy.

sync global meditations

We are asking for all global movements to register freely as Sync Family. We have written to 1 Giant Mind, Unify, Deepak Chopra, to Co-sign the message of the WISH of Mother Earth.Whatever be your practice or message – if benefits the whole world, we would like everyone to know.

We are asking you, as individuals, to write, speak, sing, paint, dance and join our Team of Speakers to follow this blog and share the message for all children of Mother Earth: Mother Earth is asking for daily H.U.G.S. [Hourly Universal Global Sync]

We know that it is not the writers of this blog who have this wish, but all our  hearts that yearn to come together in peace. We are just reminding you of what you already know.

We breathe together. We live together. We are all inter-connected in a vast landscape of unimagined beauty. Let us wake to this wonder world that we are creating. Let us awaken to the peace in our hearts.

It is time. Gaia is calling. The consciousness of everything and everyone on Mother Earth.


gaia sync
Every day, sync. Share this message with all – Mother Earth is asking for H.U.G.S -Hourly Universal Global Sync from all her children, every hour.

Adopt a daily practice of 10 minutes or more, and receive and radiate the pulsating  peace light around the planet in the midst of the first half of any UTC hour.





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