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Choose a daily practice at a regular time to respond to the universal call- Sync intensifies in spirals of Universal Time Coordinated 24 times a day: 1:01||2:02||3:03||4:04||5:05||6:06||7:07||8:08||9:09 ||10:10||11:11||12:12|…. and so on morning and evening Please share with all. Gaia is calling

I dedicate my daily practice of yoga to the world

On  August 8 2014, a daily practice of yoga was dedicated to the Global Peace Meditation called for by different global movements. As day dawned, the ladies gathered as they do every morning, to send the beneficial rays of their collective practice to the world.

sync stretch open heart

Yoga stretches body, mind, soul, life, and very often we think of our daily practice as just – stretching, power, exercise, asanas, shavasana, chanting. Today, we gave attention to the deeper connection that yoga enables us to have with the world: union, connection,oneness.

First, there was body exercise, then pranayama and silent meditation, with smile.

yoga- global peace meditation

We entered the world of Gayatri mantra, that bridges the celestial and terrestrial worlds. Om Bhur Bhuvasvaha

The blessings were radiated to all: Sarve bhavantu sukhinah – To all beings, be happy

and Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi – Om peace, peace, peace – in mind, body, life


Whatever practice you follow everyday, dedicate it for a few minutes to the world. You will sync with the world. You may decide to do this in the first half of a UTC hour, or this may happen automatically. That is the marvel of synchronization. We are already in sync. Now we are waking up to it – and this awareness will transform this world into one that benefits all.
Receive blessings. Radiate blessings.


Every day, sync. Share this message with all – Mother Earth is receiving and radiating H.U.G.S -Hourly Universal Global Sync every hour. You choose the hour that suits you.

Adopt a daily practice of 10 minutes or more, and receive and radiate the pulsating peace around the planet in the midst of the first half of any UTC hour.


About Meenakshi ~ Journey to Wholeness

Actively supporting emerging communities for global harmony Actively supporting individuals who are committed to Self-development Gaia Minute http://gaiaminute.com Hourly Universal Global Sync https://syncgaiahug.wordpress.com

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