Don’t miss the fun ~ SYNC!

The day the Earth smiled. Right up my alley. Yet I missed it. 19th July 2013 Earth was going to be filmed from Mars and Cassini scientist Carolyn Porco called for a day when we smile for the camera.

Something great, something big, something very special that’s never happened before is about to happen!

On July 19, 2013, the Cassini spacecraft, currently in orbit around Saturn, will be turned to image that planet and its entire ring system during an eclipse of the sun, as it has done twice before during its previous 9 years in orbit.

But this time will be very different. This time, the images collected will capture, in natural color, a glimpse of our own planet alongside Saturn and its rings on a day that will be the first time the Earth’s inhabitants know in advance their picture is being taken from a billion miles away.

It will be a day to revel in the extraordinary achievements in the exploration of our solar system that have made such an interplanetary photo session possible. And it will be a day for all of us to smile and celebrate life on the Pale Blue Dot. ~ Carolyn Porco

But see – this is the beauty of Sync. We don’t have to miss the fun. We can find out about it and make everyday a day that the earth smiles.

From our Sync Family member Sujok Triorigin Smile, comes this post:

The Origin Smile, which feels like the size of a small dot, and simultaneously – it is bigger than the universe, shining emitting bright light, absolutely transparent.
~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, Everybody Smile Meditation

Triorigin Smile Meditation for Smile World -O~*Everyday. Everyone*~O-

Earth from Mars, from the project 'The Day The Earth Smiled'
It is natural to smile when we are hugged. Natural to smile when we embrace someone. That is why our Mother Earth is smiling. That is why we are smiling. For we hug everyday. Our regular practice, in the midst of the first half of any UTC hour, sets up waves of smiling Hourly Universal Global Sync
Every day, smile in Hourly Universal Global Sync: This is the wish of Mother Earth. See – she is smiling at us!

Psst – don’t keep this to yourself. When we all smile together, the earth smiles shines through the universe. SHARE!
sync daily h.u.g.s.

Universal Time Co-ordinated. A brilliant tool to help us to sync.

1:10-1:20| 2:10-2:20|3:10-3:20 | 4:10-4:20| 5:10-5:20| 6:10-6:20| 7:10-7:20| 8:10-8:20| 10-9:20|10:10-10:20| 1:10-11:20| 12:10-12:20| 13:10-13:20|14:10-14:20|15:10-15:20 | 16:10 -16:20| 17;10- 17:20| 18:10 – 18:20 | 19:10 – 19:20 | 20:10 – 20:20 | 21:10 – 21:20 | 22:10 – 22:30 |23:10-23:20| 00:10-00-20

little hug




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