Sync at Walk with the Imagine Peace Flame

From September 1st – 21st [see Global Events] thousands of people are expected to walk in relay, carrying the  Imagine Peace Flame .

The Sacred Fire of the “Imagine Peace Flame” is created by combining sources of fires from the 4 directions (North, South, East and West), with the oldest sources of the flames coming from an eternal coal fire 6,000 years old, known as the “tears of a woman sent down by sky God” and another coming from a volcanic fire at least 300,000 years old, known as Pele the Goddess of Fire. This is the flame that will be used to unite humanity in peace.

Imagine Peace Flame

We invite you to share the message of Mother Earth: adopt a daily practice for self-growth, and practice it every day in the midst of the first half of any UTC hour.
This is the blessing of the Hourly Universal Global Sync: it embraces all in vibrant peace. H.U.G.S. is available freely to all – a message and a tool given to us to easily co-ordinate our daily practice of peace with millions around the world: whatever be your practice, sync in the first half of any UTC hour.

gaia syncGaia is calling for Hourly Universal Global Sync
Isn’t it WONDERful how that spells HUGS?
Receive blessings. Radiate blessings.
Every day, sync. Share this message with all – Mother Earth is asking for H.U.G.S -Hourly Universal Global Sync from all her children, every hour. You choose the hour that suits you.
Adopt a daily practice of 10 minutes or more, and receive and radiate the pulsating peace around the planet in the midst of the first half of any UTC hour.


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