Breathe with the rose~ and sync

Just watch this rose. Breathe in its fragrance. Allow its colours and hues to soften your gaze. Drink in each detail, savour each petal, its shape and presence. Savour each bud, showing us the presence of the Triorigin energies on earth. Feel blessed by each leaf, bringing nurturing to the plant that is flowering and budding.

Be with this flower. You are connecting to everything in the world.  It is love. It is love. It is love.

Breathe in love.

Let it suffuse every particle of your being with love. Smile.

Breathe out love.

pink rose w four buds

We can realize the purpose of existence by meditating on the beautiful and fragrant rose. Flowers bloom all around and each one is uniquely charming. All of them demonstrate us the accomplished harmony. By dropping down they yield us fruits.
~ Prof. Park Jae Woo, Everybody Smile Meditation

Spend ten minutes or more at ten past any UTC hour every day, on a practice that brings smile into your life. It will change your life and that of the world.

Mother Earth is enfolded in each rose. Mother Earth nurtures each rose.

Send your loving gratitude to Mother Earth. It will reach and benefit all beings. As more and more of us participate in a daily practice of self-unfoldment,  we will feel the waves pulsating hourly.

mother earth  w rose

Sync!Forward this message too your friends and family Write, speak, paint, sing for H.U.G.S. : Hourly Universal Global Sync.
When we share and sync,  everyone on Earth benefits.



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