Peace comes when we synchronize

At that elusive moment when we transcend our ordinary performance and feel in harmony with something else—whether it’s a glorious sunset, inspiring music or another human being—our studies have shown that what we are really coming in sync with is ourselves. Not only do we feel more relaxed and at peace, but this entrained state increases our ability to perform well and offers numerous health benefits. ~Doc Childre and Howard Martin, HeartMath Solution

sunset dec 24 2012

When you are at peace within yourself, do you hear Mother Earth calling?

Many are hearing a message: Gather Together. Be at peace with one another. Meditate together. Pray together. Collectively. Simultaneously.

Now you have heard this too. Share freely. Receive and radiate the blessings of sync for peace. Post your messages with the tag #syncpeace. When we synchronize our individual practices of peace at ten minutes past any UTC hour, we enhance the pulsating waves of loving light available to all sentience on Planet Earth.

gaia sync
Listen! Mother Earth is calling. Wrap me in Hourly Universal Global Sync HUG (e) HUG (s) for all






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