There’s a new Sync in town – have you felt it?

There’s a new Sync in town
and its name is love

There’s a new Sync within you
and its name is peace

There’s a new Sync all around
and its name is community

There’s a new Sync in the air
and its name is joy

There’s a new Sync in the world
It’s time is ten past any hour

At ten past any UTC hour, hundreds, thousands, millions of people, in all countries, all time zones, practicing yoga or meditation or prayer or exercise or their own religious or spiritual practice – can all get into sync. This is the gift of Universal Time Coordinated. Even when we are separated by time and space, we can get together.

Sync is growing. Can you feel it? Are you participating? Are you forwarding it to your friends, family, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, peers, followers, sangha? The more you share, the faster it will grow, and the quicker this world will be one where everyone benefits.

sync fern unfurling skida panoramioImage used with permission from skida

When I see it, I smile. For with this new sync, Hourly Universal Global Sync, there are HUG[e] HUG[s] for all – Mother Earth and her children. The light of consciousness of a smile world has dawned.




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