H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World

Choose a daily practice at a regular time to respond to the universal call- Sync intensifies in spirals of Universal Time Coordinated 24 times a day: 1:01||2:02||3:03||4:04||5:05||6:06||7:07||8:08||9:09 ||10:10||11:11||12:12|…. and so on morning and evening Please share with all. Gaia is calling

Sync with global events this Full Moon

There are many global meditations this full moon. Since it is nearer the earth, it will look like a supermoon. Larger than usual. At ten minutes past any UTC hour, we will be in sync. Time our practice of self unfoldment with ten minutes past any hour Universal Time Coordinated. It is the gift of the earth’s rotation and revolution to us, who are Mother Earth’s children.

“Prayer collectively done…will generate the positive healing energy for all of us.”~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’, Founder of One Light Many Windows and Gaia Minute who inspired H.U.G.Sync

sun moon earth sync

Sometimes we cannot see the sun or moon, but we are always in sync. Most of us have not seen the entire earth but we know it exists. Sense the sync. Every day, at ten minutes past any UTC hour, it is palpable. You can feel the loving light of compassion, receive it with open arms, and radiate it with open heart.

Much as the earth does.

Those who resonate with numbers, we know that the full moon of 9/9 carries the energy of ‘9’ the humanitarian number. This is September, the 9th month of the calendar year, when the Gaia Minute, that forms the kernel of the Sync movement, was launched. It is also the 12th moon of the launch of the Sync movement.

Let the light of these numbers flow through your being, and with these beautiful words, flow into the timeless grace of sync.

The sacred heart of the moon
Is from the secret Smile of God.
The sacred breath of the sun
Is from the open Dance of God.
~Sri Chinmoy



About Gaia Consciousness

Gaia consciousness is the awareness that all sentient and insentient beings on Mother Earth's planetary body are inter-connected. As human beings are waking to this, I am facilitating, witnessing and recording. ~ Meenakshi Suri

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