The light of Holy Days

Many holidays, or holy days are about to begin for the people of the world. They have been passed on from one generation to another by people in different parts of the world, through the medium of religion.

Today, many people are waking to the feeling that a day that is holy, is important for the whole world. Many people celebrate  all holy holidays – whether or not they are from the religious tradition that they were born into. Our neighbor, friend, colleague can be from another religious tradition, but because we are friendly with one another, we celebrate with them.

Tonight, the sages say, at sundown,  a new energy, a new light, comes into the earth. It is available to all who are tuned in. People following the Jewish faith call it Rosh Hashanah, the start of ten days of  awe or of at-one-ment when the Books of Life and Death are inscribed with the deeds of people .  People following the Hindu faith call it the start of Navaratri, nine nights of the Goddess energy. People following the Islamic faith prepare for the coming of Eid-al-Adha on Oct. 4th which marks a time when a human being’s faith was tested and then rewarded by Allah.

Today, as you enter your sacred space, where you feel your essence, go deep within, to the place where all words originate.  There, where space and time come together, is the beginning of all life. In that place, there is the hush of holiness. That moment just before the world came into being. The moments before all were infused with light. The moments before the lights were named. The moments before the light was seen through many windows. Just for a moment, or more, merge with that light. We are all inter-connected. We all celebrate together. Let us feel the love and gaeity, the festivity and sacredness co-mingling with one another. Let us partake of one another’s different ways of celebration, knowing that we are all on this earth together, in celebration, in atonement, in light.

For the next ten days, you may feel called to be in love and joy and gratitude.
You may feel called to let go, forgive, free.
Honour those calls. Stop and rest for awhile. Breathe. Time will stand still for you.

You may find that love, joy and gratitude are flowing in the first half of a UTC hour. Forgiveness, letting go, liberation are flowing in the second half of a UTC hour. This is how we are getting in sync with one another.

We have always been one. We have used the space between one another to explore the different colours of the light as diversity, individualism. Now, we are accepting the blessing of that oneness. When we open the hearts of our palms to receive these blessings, the world becomes a place of wonder, happiness, joy for all beings. A place where we can only do good. A place where all holy-days are sacred. The world where the genuine smile can show itself.

Let us enjoy the good fortune of being on Mother Earth where light glows from many windows.

In loving light

How fortunate we are to be on Mother Earth
How fortunate we are to be on Mother Earth

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