While you sleep…someOne is awake

While you sleep to dream of a world to come,
Lightworkers are manifesting light in this world

When you toss and turn in restlessness
Your inner self is calling out to connect

While you are unaware while awake
Monks chant, priests intone prayers, and millions meditate not to improve their own personal karma, but to spread the benefit of their actions to all.

This dear friend, is how a world is coming, where we can all smile a genuine smile. Where body smiles with healing techniques that cure and bring no harm, food that nourishes and needs no addiction, relationships that help us to grow, not tie us down, our connection with the essence is always felt, and we are vibrant, peaceful, aware when asleep and aware when awake.lichtwezen41 gaia angels around earth

This world is dawning. Walk into it fearlessly. Breathe in its freedom. Feel it every day.  Connect with it through the wonderful invention of Universal Time Coordinated that helps us get in tune with the rotation of the earth.

Thousands have been bringing the light of the heavens to our life. While you sleep, they are awake. Now let us wake up.

  • Choose an activity that helps you to feel wonderful.
  • Practice that activity for at least 10 minutes, starting at 10 minutes past any UTC hour.
  • Practice it everyday at your chosen time.
  • Be aware that millions are doing the same. We all want a world that benefits all life, all elements on our wonderful Mother Earth.

We can be the ones who others look to, for guidance and happiness.

Share this message with all. Mother Earth is calling us.

gaia sync

Global Movements are showing their presence as Sync Family

Many global online and regional events are taking place everyday, where you can meet others in your own space and time, or from wherever you are, online or in sacred silence, meditation or wordless prayer.

You have asked for this time. You have wanted to wake up. We have all asked for a world where everyone can be happy. Open our hearts to receive this gift. Receive and radiate it outward.

Mother Earth is calling. Let us listen to her call every day.



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