We’re human – our actions impact the world

Many organizations and individuals have accepted that human beings need to take responsibility for their actions on Earth.

See the quotes from diverse sources here: Action for Gaia } Responsibility for the Earth

Are you ready to take action? One of the most powerful ways of taking responsibility for our home planet, is to choose a practice that helps us to become aware of the whole world every day. Connect to all life and inert forms on Mother Earth. Radiate love, peace, light to all. Receive the blessings of this connection.

Do this every day, at the same time. At ten minutes past any UTC hour, you will be in sync with the world.

We will find ourselves becoming more responsible in our choices, and happier in the knowledge that we are helping to bring about a world that benefits everyone.

mother earth pregnant large

The earth is an evolving living entity. Every form of life on earth is an important part of this living entity. Accordingly, we, as individual human beings, must cultivate the awareness that we are all members of a global community of life and that we share a common mission and responsibility for the future of our planet.

Every one of us has a role to play in the evolution of our planet, and to achieve world peace each of us must live up to our responsibilities and obligations.

We envision an “Age of the Individual”-not in the sense of egoism, but an age in which every individual is ready to accept responsibility and to carry out his or her mission as an independent member of the human race.

Each of us shall carry out our greatest mission to bring love, harmony and gratitude into our own heart, and in so doing, bring harmony to the world at large.

~ UNESCO, Declaration for All Life on Earth

Humanity needs to recover a value system for balancing human interests with the needs of non-human life and the stability of the Earth system. This statement in itself comes from a view-point where humanity sees itself as separate from, rather than an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystem. … In just a few centuries, however, human society has become a major driver of the planetary system. However our belief systems have changed rather little. .. Judeo-Christian beliefs emphasize human uniqueness, and (traditionally) dominion over the Earth. This has been transformed more recently into the concept of stewardship of the Earth… ~ Alan Betts, Atmospheric Researcher

Renewing the face of the earth, then, is an enterprise not of imposing some private human vision on a passive nature but of living in such a way as to bring more clearly to light the interconnectedness of all things and their dependence on what we cannot finally master or understand. ,former archbishop of Canterbury, chair of Christian Aid

Share this message with all. Mother Earth is calling us.


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