One year of HUGS ~ but when did it start?

It’s been a year since this website began, the first blog was written with words of Mother Earth:

I am your Mother Earth. I love you all. Please, come together every day and wrap me and all your brothers and sisters in a synchronized  field of Love.  Here are the words of your brothers and sisters aware of my wish.

18th Octoberour first anniversary. Let’s celebrate.

Today let’s share the vision that is flowing around the world, in hourly pulsating waves:

MASS MOVEMENT involving a few thousand people who are praying SIMULTANEOUSLY (at the same time in this space-time continuum dimension) is what is required to channelize the healing force ~ Gaia Minute’s founder Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’

The first step to Unite our Diversity! ~ The “Key” to Oneness

co-create a global network of subtle activists to support a shift to a global culture of peace.~ The Gaiafield Project

If people participate in the realization of the SMILE WORLD using smile force overflowing from their perfection,it will be a real contribution to the realization of the purpose of the Existence Spirit in creating Smile Civilization.”~ Triorigin Smile World of  Prof Park Jae Woo

Children of the Earth inspires young people to create a life of purpose.

Channel Light everyday for 7 minutes in the morning and in the night. Channel Light & Heal the World. ~ Light Channels World Movement.

the intention to create a radical shift of consciousness on the planet based on the following guiding principles:~ Declaration of Consciousness

Taking it all together, is the message of Hourly Universal Global Sync:

Every day, any practice that brings you consciousness of universal love, at 10 minutes past any UTC hour.

Thanks to our 4,125 friends who are receiving and radiating this loving light into the world every day.

Shhh. With resolve to bring peace into the world, in gratitude, we are entering the space where we are together. All children of Mother Earth. We listen. We feel light, grateful, loving , smiling. We float into wordless prayer.  We wrap our Planetary home in a synchronized field of Love

Thank you, whispers Mother Earth. I love you..

gaia sync


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