Children of the stars on Mother Earth

Since human beings came on earth, we have largely sought to fight the elements, transcend them or deny our Earth roots, yearning for our starry origins. There have however, always been humans who, while remembering their starry origins, have acknowledged that Earth too is of the stars.
These wise ones live in harmony with the Nature of Earth – fighting when necessary to survive, or rejoicing with the bounty of nature, but not over-riding the natural balance. Let us learn from those cultures. It is time for them to share and for us to be open to learning.

It is time for the children of the stars and the earth to live in peace and harmony on earth. For we are all children of the stars, born of earth.


The children born today are the rainbow children. They have brought joy and smile into the world. Let us spend some time right now, to welcome them into a world of harmony. Let us accept their gift, and radiate it out as they do.

We are Gaia: our Mother Earth and all sentient and insentient ones in this world.

We are Gaia, the planetary consciousness awakening on earth. The call we hear is our call. Gaia is calling, and we are listening to our heart.

mother earth stars


Every day choose ten minutes to feel this peace and harmony with our Mother Earth. Look left and right: everyone is wonderful. Receive and radiate peace. Synchronize with the world, at ten minutes past any hour.




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